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The Key to Greater Professional Performance

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It seems that everywhere you turn, business professionals and entrepreneurs are being pushed to put in long hours and devote every bit of themselves to their work.  And why not?  These motivated individuals are attracted to the hustle.  They are fueled by the idea of achievement and will stop at nothing to reach their goals.

However, this dedication can often come at the expense of the entrepreneur’s personal life.  They can become so wrapped up in their professional world that their family life or personal relationships may begin to suffer.  This can be even more frustrating when business is slow.  The focus and action surrounding their work may become frantic and desperate, as the entrepreneur tries to maintain an upward trajectory and sense of control.

Truthfully, being successful professionally is not an all or nothing game.  In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the secret to achieving greater professional performance is dedicating significant time and effort on your personal life.  This may seem strange at first, but it’s not really so unbelievable.  After all, human beings need a strong sense of balance.  One may be able to operate solely in one world or the other for a limited amount of time, but soon he will find that having appropriate work-life balance offers him both the hustle and recharge needed to thrive when it is time to switch gears.

In Stewart D. Friedman’s book, Leading the Life You Want, he speaks about “four-way wins.”  This concept explains that people are conscious about what matters most in their lives, and that what they choose to do or achieve in any area of their life is a direct result of these values.  These choices in turn create a better quality of life in all four domains, maybe not all at the same time, but in the long-term.

So, how do we work to create more synergy between our personal and professional lives?  First, you must get clear on what is truly important to you.  Identify what values you hold in the highest esteem and focus on these.  Do not be distracted by what you think you should prioritize or what others would designate as your priority.

Once you know what is important to you, take a good look at your current situation.  Are you making these values a priority?  If you are, that’s great.  But there’s always room for improvement, so how could you improve?  If you’re not making them a priority, what small steps can you take to ensure that who or what is most important to you is getting the time and energy they deserve?  This may take some brainstorming.  You may need to make some logistical changes in your daily routine or ask others for help and guidance.

By gaining clarity on your values and devoting more time and attention to your personal life, your professional performance will thrive as a result.  The key is finding the solutions that work for your unique situation.

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Mariana Lacombe is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Evolution Corp. She has extensive experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Strategic Development. She has provided services to executives, managers, and entrepreneurs as an advisor and coach, helping them to achieve amazing results and make extreme changes in their careers and lives.

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