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Put Yourself at the Top of Your Priority List

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We live in a non-stop society where everyone is constantly on the go.  If it’s not responsibilities at work, it’s managing the demands at home.  Once those are all satisfied, there is hardly any time left for yourself.  This is not an ideal way to function, yet it is the way that many of us live on a daily basis.  The truth is we don’t know how to manage our time properly.  We are stretched to our limits, but we continue to push on.  Why?  We tend to prioritize others instead of focusing on our own needs.  As human beings, we are inclined to focus on caring for those around us.  However, if we don’t take care of ourselves properly, we cannot adequately serve others in our world, both personally and professionally.  Personally, I always consider myself as my first and main client.  If I do not ensure my own safety, wellness, and health, I cannot help others at the highest level possible.

The good news is that putting yourself last does not have to be your reality.  Here are a few important and simple steps you can take to prioritize yourself and your self-care.


This one is very difficult, especially if you are a “people pleaser.”  It may give you great happiness to say “yes” to others—to help them in their time of need.  Or you may be a person that does not like confrontation and will simply say yes to avoid an uncomfortable exchange.  Either way, when you’re already living an unbalanced life, saying yes all the time may not be in your best interest. This is where some tough choices need to be made.  It won’t be easy to say no, but in your heart, you know what you need to prioritize yourself.  Of course you should help out where you can, but don’t be afraid to put yourself first, even if that means saying “no.”


In order to give yourself appropriate time and opportunities for self-care, you may consider outsourcing certain tasks. This allows you to spend time, your most important asset, doing other activities that are more meaningful to you.  Hire a professional to clean your home.  Arrange for groceries to be delivered rather than taking a trip to the market.  If you run your own business, consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of administrative tasks that you are struggling to maintain in addition to the regular demands of your role as an entrepreneur.  While outsourcing will cost you money, you gain time and additional opportunities for personal enrichment, which are even more valuable.


Creating the time and opportunity for self-care is critical, but it will prove to be meaningless if you do not schedule the time and protect it.  Treat these opportunities like appointments with a client, as something that you would not cancel easily or reschedule simply because something else more pressing came along.  Remember why you wanted to make yourself a priority.  Remind yourself that your self-care helps not only yourself, but those around you.  It fuels your success, which will positively impact family members and colleagues within your organization.

Place yourself at the top of your priority list.  Doing so will be beneficial for your health, mindset, and professional progress.  By incorporating these three basic practices, you can begin to prioritize yourself once again, which will nourish your soul and power your success.

Accountability is critical to put yourself as the #1 priority! Book a FREE call with me and lets create a plan together to make it a reality!

Mariana Lacombe

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Mariana Lacombe is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Evolution Corp. She has extensive experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Strategic Development. She has provided services to executives, managers, and entrepreneurs as an advisor and coach, helping them to achieve amazing results and make extreme changes in their careers and lives.

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