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Hi, I'm
Hi, I'm

Mariana Lacombe is an international business strategist who helps business owners quantum leap in business and life, devising tactics that allow them to alleviate their burden of responsibility so that they can achieve true freedom.

Driven by an Entrepreneurial and

Pioneering Spirit

Mariana Lacombe grew up in Brazil where she discovered, at a very young age, that she had a gift for understanding logic and numbers. Yet her curiosity for human nature and high performance compelled her to obtain BS degree in Psychology and her first MBA by the age of 25.

With an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, she developed her career as a Human Resources and Admin Manager, while investing in Tech Startups and in the financial market.

Laser Focused...

Achiever Persona

Mariana Lacombe developed an extraordinary career at a very young age, overseeing a team of over 3,000 people. Her laser-like focus and assertive style in the corporate world allowed her to quickly rise through the ranks until she suddenly found herself physically paralyzed from burnout and stress.

While she was making more money than she ever thought possible, Mariana Lacombe realized this is not how she wanted to live. She decided to change her future and created a more aligned and healthier lifestyle. Her trajectory inspired her to quit her successful corporate job to work by the side of other achievers to help them through their own struggles.


The Alchemist

Inspiring people to follow their path of true freedom became Mariana Lacombe’s passion.

In a couple of years, she collected more than 10 different coaching certifications that integrate mind, body and soul.

Her unique holistic approach combined with her ability to create revolutionary business strategies has been called “Freedom Alchemy.”

The birth of

Quantum Evolution

After over 10,000 hours of advising, consulting and coaching, and more than 300 clients in 6 continents, Mariana Lacombe created Quantum Evolution Corp. to help entrepreneurs and business owners across the world to take quantum leaps in business and life.

Her international business experience and high-performance “alchemy” intensely focuses both on her clients’ personal and professional needs during life-altering transitions, like creating a new business, bringing in investors, and selling it.


Mariana Lacombe

The drive to achieve outstanding results never prevented her from creating what matters to her the most: her family. In fact, her family is her ultimate success.

Having a good, fun and enjoyable life with her family is her motto. As they travel the world together, Mariana Lacombe continues to transform many businesses and lives wherever she goes.

Meet The Team

Quantum Evolution helps business owners who want to do more than just run or sell their business.

With international experience in corporate finance, leadership performance, and creative funding solutions, we, as financial architects, help you design a new blueprint for your business’ assets.

Our goal is to give you the strongest possible options for growth, profitability, or financial exit, while still providing the freedom and leeway you truly want.

Meet the team to help you discover your potential for prosperity.

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