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The Importance of Rest

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The life of an entrepreneur is all about the hustle. Work from sun up to sun down and don’t lose a minute in between. Every day presents new interactions, ideas, and initiatives, all of which can help to drive us along the path to success. There is an immense amount of pressure to grab every opportunity that comes your way. In doing so, you must consistently be at the top of your game.

In such an environment, it’s clear to see why so many of us are exhausted, overwhelmed, and in desperate need of rest and recharge. Sometimes we become so focused on our goals and objectives, that we lose sight of what is truly critical to our success—that which provides the foundation for our ability to remain at peak performance daily. This key component is rest.

When we talk about rest, it’s only natural to think of sleep. After all, we are constantly being bombarded by studies that show that we are not getting enough sleep. The desired number of nightly hours varies depending on who you’re speaking with or what resource you’re referring to, but in most cases, rest assured you’re not getting enough.

However, rest is not limited to sleep. While we all know that rest is essential to our physical well-being, rest is also critical for the welfare of our minds.


There are constant demands for our attention. And with the advances in technology, we have become more connected than ever before. People are only a click away. We have come to rely on this connectivity, which can make it difficult to let our minds unwind. It is so important to dedicate time each day to disconnect from our devices and allow ourselves to be present in the moment. Try to make it a routine. Add moments of pause throughout your day—five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Simply use these moments to breathe, be present, take a walk, or hydrate. This can help to reduce your tension and provide relief. Meditation can be a beneficial activity to help in this process. Over time, you will find it easier to let your mind wander.


Every day, we hear and see millions of messages that sink into our mind whether we realize it or not. Over time, these messages, whether positive or negative, can influence how we think and feel. This may happen so much that we begin to lose focus on our true thoughts and feelings, because we are constantly being swayed by the messages of others. Taking this time to rest will allow our minds to reset and escape some of those messages that have built up over time. Then our true inner voice will begin to rise to the surface once again.


When we have made time to rest, we feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. Similarly, we are able to participate in relationships with a clear mind and more patience. Difficult interactions or exchanges that may have tested you before are now manageable. You’re also able to gain clarity about who you really are and what type of people with whom you want to surround yourself. You may realize that you need to make some shifts in this area as a result.

Though we know hustle is part of the life of an entrepreneur, it cannot be an all or nothing game. By dedicating time to rest, you’re prioritizing self-care and the importance that it plays in your success, both personally and professionally.

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