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EXCLUSIVE Valuation Assessment With Mariana Lacombe, MBA

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A quiet revolution has started in the minds of business owners everywhere who are even thinking about the possibility of selling.

The principles of cheapened financial valuation, unquestioned for the past two decades, are being challenged – and banished to the dustbin of history.

A new breed of real-world worth assessment is returning to the commonsense practise of the great days when business owners could quickly and accurately gauge the true financial value of their company…

And thereby gaining the precious strategic advantage of knowing EXACTLY;

  1. 1. WHEN if it’s most profitable to sell
  2. 2. WHAT to do to increase the market price
    …Or even…
  3. 3. HOW to secure millions in venture capital to retool the entire enterprise.

This process has become the bible of that business revolution, with Angel Investment and International Corporate Governance Specialist, Mariana Lacombe, MBA as its definitive prophet.

Insiders call her actions and advice Acquisition Alchemy, and just a quick conversation with her will change the way you think about every element of your business…

100% FREE - Next Training Begins In:

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